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£200.00 Regular Price
£90.00Sale Price
  • Size: 85x58 cm

    Care Instructions


    All items are made with 100 Acrylic. Shredding of the fibers is common, however it will not affect the quality of your rug and will settle in time.


    Rugs should be used for decorative purposes only and should be placed in a low foot traffic area for longer lasting and durability. Please see your rug as a piece of art and should be looked after well.


    Remove any spills or spots immediately by gently cleaning by hand and leave to air dry. Do not pull any loose strands, trim with the scissors. 


    Lint roll, hand vacuum when needed. Do not wash rugs in the washing machine.


    It is a good idea to rotate your rug every six months, this will help distribute the foot traffic evenly and prevent certain areas of the rug from becoming more worn than others.



    There are no refunds as this product is handmade.


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