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Want a customised Rug? Get in touch using the contact form below. 

Important information for customers rugs

price guide

(Excluding Delivery) 

For complex designs the price may vary

70x 70cm - £200

90 x 90cm - £300


How long will your customised rug take to arrive?

All rugs are handmade. From start to finish including delivery, please allow up to 4 weeks.

How to clean your rug?

Please do not wash rugs in the washing machine or clean using high pressured cleaning equipment.

The Rugs should be used for decorative purposes only however if you do need to clean it, a lint roller is recommended 1/2 days a week. Only clean lightly via hand with a recommended temperature of 30 degrees. 

Keep your rugs in good condition and avoid using it in water absorbing areas such as the bathroom. 


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