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Selling My Cards Online

Updated: May 3, 2021

Wild Cinnamon Cards is a Black owned business online specialising in greeting cards and many other products. Wild Cinnamon Cards offers a vast range of greeting cards that are perfect for any occasion that you may need one for. You can shop greeting cards that are perfect for a Birthday, Celebration, Valentines and even a card ‘Just Because’ to show your appreciation for someone special in your life. With so many to choose from, you will enjoy browsing through the range of products from a Black owned business online and find it irresistible to not pick something!

Wild Cinnamon Cards, the Black owned business online does not only sell greeting cards for every occasion but also has their own Bun and Cheese colouring book which features 12 images and one word search perfect for both children and adults as a relaxing activity. Wild Cinnamon Cards also have their own black playing cards which feature vibrant illustrations of both Black men and women. This would make a lovely gift for someone that enjoys playing cards and it would most definitely catch people’s eyes if it was taken out during a fun game’s night with friends. A choice of different wrapping paper is also available on the website for a range of different occasions from Christmas to wrapping paper for that extra special present for someone. Finally, you can have your own A3 print at home, a great gift for someone that enjoys collecting prints that are relatable to them. A favourite is the print that says, ‘Time flies when you’re having rum’ which is accompanied by a colourful illustration of a bottle of rum. All amazing products that can be purchased from a Black owned business online, with something for everyone!

As a Black owned business online, Wild Cinnamon Cards have succeeded in creating a brand that showcases Black culture through the use of beautiful vibrant illustrations to the phrases displayed on their greeting cards. The aim of the Black owned business online was to create a business that really shows a diverse range of contemporary designs that are popular within Black communities which is exactly what they have achieved and is a brand that cannot be recommended more. If you are looking for a greeting card for that special someone or know someone that enjoys playing cards, Wild Cinnamon Cards is the place to go to! The products will leave the person smiling from ear to ear. So, tell a friend to tell a friend and come shop the latest products and support a Black owned business online:!

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